Operator Interfaces (HMI)

Controlling and observing your automation system is very important. We can provide you with custom HMI programming to include operator control, part tracking, system updates & alarms, tailored to fit the custom graphics of your system. Interfaces can be designed as basic observation tools or in-depth control and tracking programs. These Interfaces can communicate with all of your data management so that it is easily accessible for operators and supervisors, on the plant floor as well as control rooms and offices.


  • Allen-Bradley
    • RSLogix/Studio 5000
      • Guardlogix
      • ControlLogix
      • CompactLogix
    • RSLogix 500
      • SLC 500 Platforms
      • Micrologix
    • Connected Component Solutions
      • Micro800 Platforms
    • RSLogix 5 for PLC-5
    • FactoryTalk View Studio SE/ME
    • Connected Components
    • Legacy PanelBuilder32
  • Siemens
    • Step 7
    • WinCC
    • TIA Portal
  • Omron
    • Sysmac Studio
  • Red Lion
    • Crimson
Phoenix Installation PLC & HMI Programming