Over & Under

Design Elements

Over & under power and free conveyors derive their name from the power/ load track configuration. The load track is a pair of Hi-carbon structural channels fixture toe to toe below the power source. The power source is either an enclosed track or an I-Beam chain conveyor. Many systems will utilize more than one chain with each chain running at speeds required to solve specific production or throughput issues.


Phoenix can provide solutions for your specific handling needs. Whether your loads are 500 lbs. or 12,000 lbs. we have the equipment to put to work. This would include: R-W Over-Way Conveyor, Uni/Uni and Uni/3” Conveyor, as well as 3”,4” and 6” Power & free conveyor.

TypePower TrackFree TrackPower ChainSingle Trolley CapacityChain Pulling Load
SxSEnclosedEnclosed6/8″ Pitch250750
Enc/3Enclosed3″ Channel6/8″ Pitch750750
3333″ I-Beam3″ ChannelX-3487501900
4444″ I-Beam4″ ChannelX-45812504000
4664″ I-Beam6″ ChannelX-67840005000